Our friends at Hemifran in Sweden have just made available their compilation album, I Like It Better Here – More Music From Home via Amazon here.

In August:

Come out and see The Crows and our great friend, Michael Kelsh at Owl’s Hill Nature Sanctuary on August 27 at 7 p.m.

More information here:

In September:

We will be at the Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion. Sept. 16-18.

More infomation here

…meanwhile, earlier news…

The Crows sit for an interview as part of an ongoing effort
to announce their release from the 1980s.

CORN FREE: The Crows return to an iPod world
by Renfro Beaucamp
Pulaski Times-Herald

I was excited to sit down with the Crows. I’d been fascinated with them when I was in High School, after being fortunate enough to have seen them in a 1989 concert while skiing in Montana. Like so many others, I had wept like a child when I heard of their disappearance in 1991. The power and heart of their live shows were transforming for this young lad. I begged my girlfriend (now wife) to let me call her “Lucky” in homage to Ms. Feather. I added a faint “Caw” to my evening prayers.
We met in an abandoned barn a few miles outside of Crawdad, TN. They were wearing the same clothes I remembered from Montana, although the scent of much older bodies gone too long without bathing permeated the room and at times overtook the natural funk of the barn. A couple of elbows showed through the fraying sleeves of dated stage costumes. They were very pale. I turned on my digital recorder – they all looked at it as if it were an alien spacecraft. Jeckyl picked his nose:

(Note: H=Heckyl, J=Jeckyl, LF=Lucky Feather)

RB: The Crows have been compared to such diverse musical giants as Woody Guthrie and Uriah Heep – from which sources do you draw your musical inspiration?

H: There was a guy in East Tennessee who used to play the banjo. Him.
LF: The birds dance and sing in the evening twilight; the fish dart in waters that bubble and sigh; the Heavens expand and contract in cosmic harmony; all the Universe is alive with…
J: I can make a tune with an empty peanut bag..

RB: Over the course of the Crows all to brief time on the scene, you were said to have changed the very fabric of American politics and even daily life with your insightful, challenging and multi-textured music and lyrics. Would you care to comment on this?

LF: Yes.

RB: ?

RB: ??

RB: …. OK then, moving on. Miss Feather, your song “Standing in the Suburbs” talks about the disconnect between the chaotic, dangerous state of the world, as a whole, and the relative comfort and security of the American Suburb. Do you yourself live the Suburbian Dream?

LF: I have to check the chemical levels in my own pool.
J: She does.

RB: Heckyl, the poetry of your composition, “Tall Grass” speaks of lost love and alienation of the spirit. Are the dark times still a part of your psyche?

H: Thanks, I feel much better now. A 20 year nap tends to clarify one’s thinking. That tall grass is now a deep wood – filled with potential guitar tops and sides. I’m happy.

RB: The Crows fans are 20 years older now. Do you think you can again be relevant in the new century?

H: Our songs are timeless. Well, actually, most of them are under 5 minutes, but we are shortening most of them even more to adapt to the evolving attention span of modern society.
LF: People still hurt, don’t they? And don’t people still yearn for a place where their spirits can soar? People still long to express their innermost selves, right?
J: Caw!

RB: Powerful stuff.. So what can the Crows fans expect in the coming months and years.

J: Well, we have a show in about a year – so we’re rehearsing feverishly. We hope to be ready to go by then – plus or minus a year or two – well, plus..
H: We’re getting some new guitar cords and a tour bus – and by tour bus I mean an older mid-sized sedan with the spare tire taken out so we can get more stuff in the trunk.
LF: I’ve commissioned a new dress from the designer who does the clothing for the people who work at the Piggly Wiggly in Madison. And remember the jar of corn that I famously used as a shaker? Three words – ALL – – NEW – – CORN..

RB: Can we expect some new recordings from the Crows any time soon?

LF: We are planning to record a new project in the coming year. Fans should contact each other and form support groups to help them wait. If they think we moved slow before the 20 year gap, they’ll be AMAZED by the pace these days.


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