• The incredible Lucky Feather

  • 09/20/2011

  • Author: Keith
  • Crows landing in Bristol, VA for Rhythm & Roots Festival – Sept. 17

  • 09/09/2011

The event that brought the Crows out of hiding! Thoroughly dusted off and ready to plant their knobby little Crow-feet on the concert stage, The Crows are playing the Rhythm & Roots Festival in Bristol, TN (The event is both in Bristol, TN and Bristol, VA – The Crows’ venue is on the TN side) on Saturday, September 17. Their set will be at 1 PM on the CJ and Company Stage.

Fun for the whole family! No cuss words! Lucky Feather, Heckle the Crow Boy, Jekyll & special guests will be performing selections from their newly re-released debut, “One Flew Over The Cornfield”.

  • Author: Jack
  • Owl’s Hill – - Hooooooot! Caaaaawwwww!!

  • 08/28/2011

Big fun at Owl’s Hill last night! Thanks to all who came out and braved the perfect weather and the awesome scenery. Michael Kelsh and band sounded beautiful in the sweet evening air. We counted bats at sunset. The Crows’ first gig in 17 years was memorable in so many ways.. Friends, Owls, Music, Forest – - Mmmm..

  • Author: Jack
  • Time to make your plans for Owl’s Hill show!

  • 08/12/2011

We’ll be appearing on Aug. 27 at Owl’s Hill Nature Sanctuary with our great friend, Michael Kelsh. It’s $75 a carload of six. Because parking is limited, it’s time to reserve your space now.

This is our first show in nearly 20 years. Sure to be hilarious and fun!

More details here

  • Author: Keith
  • Music From Home

  • 07/12/2011

The Swedish album, I Like It Better Here – Some More Music From Home, is now available for download via Amazon here. This is a wonderful album from our friends at Hemifran. Keith, with Jack at the controls, contributed the song, The Places The Devil Calls Home.

Give it a look/listen!

  • Author: Keith
  • Yes, I suppose I do

  • 06/28/2011

have a tendency to play every song differently every time. It makes it a new song that way!

  • Author: Keith
  • Droppings From the Nest

  • 06/27/2011

With impending deadlines and a dance card filling up at an alarming rate, considering we haven’t played out in a decade, the Crows are laser focused on remembering chords and coughing up lyrics like familiar hair balls. Power struggles are emerging between these birds as Jeckle pushes for perfection, Heckle refuses to play the same thing twice and Lucky limps around the nest still recovering from drumstick surgery. Jeckle pitched the Crows a new song tonight called, Longshot, which basically sums up our chances of being ready to take a stage, any stage, and pull off a successful show. Lucky posed an intriguing question, “Are you born with musical talent or do you develop it?” Research shows that musical ability can be obtained by repetition(10,000 times). We are definitely closing in on that number.  Rehearsal ended on a sour note, as Jeckle begged Heckle to take him with him, because evidently Lucky has been a bit fowl to live with during her surgical recovery. Lucky loudly reminded them that she had a shark-bite on her ass and then demanded that her name be changed to shark-bite. All’s well that ends well as the band parted amicably, vowing to find a word that rhymes with rhododendron. Look out Bristol, this band flies, as only a crow flies, your way in September.

  • Author: Sue
  • Lucky gets a new Drumstick!!

  • 06/22/2011

Lucky is recuperating in the nest after surgery to replace her left drumstick. Rehearsals continue even as she mends. Why? Because we care.

  • Author: Jack
  • The Crows rehearse2

  • 06/19/2011

But I can’ t seem to find the corn shaker thingy.

  • Author: Keith
  • Sweden, anyone?

  • 05/08/2011

Jack and I have just finished and shipped off a new song that will be appearing on a Swedish compilation album being put together by our great friend, Peter Holmstedt at Hemifran. The song is called “Something Bigger Than This.”

I contributed a song to the last compilation, “I Like it Better Here – More Music From Home.” The song was called “The Places the Devil Calls Home.” Read more about the company and the artist at Peter’s site here:

  • Author: Keith


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